Dr. Simons’ Roth Williams Advanced Education training sets her apart. The Roth Williams technique furthers an orthodontist’s training to not only straighten teeth for an attractive smile, but also to correct the patient’s bite to keep teeth in harmony with jaw joints (TMJ) and facial muscles.Prior to explaining an individualized treatment plan and options, a Roth trained orthodontist studies a patient’s records.

If indicated , the Roth orthodontist will mount study models of your teeth on an instrument called an articulator, which is important in the analysis of the relationship between your teeth and your jaw joint.
Roth orthodontists attempt to time the beginning of treatment so that braces can be placed on the 12 year molars. These teeth are closest to the jaw joints and have an effect on functional jaw movements. Occasionally, earlier treatment is indicated because certain problems are easier to correct at a younger age, thus preventing more severe problems later.

Dr. Simons is also a certified Invisalign provider. Through the use of an iTero intraoral scanner, Dr. Simons eliminates the need for impressions for her Invisalign patients. These scans also provide for a more accurate fitting of aligners.