Each patient’s treatment is unique. At your complimentary first visit, Dr. Simons will discuss treatment options, approximate treatment duration, and costs. At this visit, Dr. Simons will examine your teeth, bite, facial form, profile, and jaw joints. If an X-ray is indicated, there will be a charge for this service. If treatment is indicated in the future but not at present, Dr. Simons will recommend that you be placed under observation, returning for a re-evaluation after allowing for further dental development. This approach equates to less time in treatment overall and allows us to initiate treatment at precisely the right time for the most efficient results.

Diagnostic Records and a Treatment Consult

If and when treatment is indicated, appointments will be scheduled for diagnostic records, including photographs, X-rays, scans or impressions, and bite records. Dr. Simons measures and studies these diagnostic records to determine your unique treatment plan.

Approximately 2 weeks after your diagnostic record appointment, a treatment consult appointment will be scheduled to discuss your detailed treatment plan. At this appointment, Dr. Simons provides a complete clinical diagnosis regarding the nature of the patient’s problem, a detailed treatment plan, and payment options. A diagnostic records and consult fee, which is separate from the treatment fee, is assessed.